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Brooker Gold Cup - London & South East Classic Club winners

Looking back at London & South East Classic Club winners, Brooker Gold Cup One of the main trophies in the London & South East Classic Club was the Brooker Gold Cup competed for each season in the Tours Yearling Derby and won by the first nominated yearling on the Open result. When the old London Columbarian Society disbanded a few years ago, their magnificent array of trophies were donated to other clubs and the Brooker Gold Cup was donated to the L&SECC by the Society. This wonderful trophy was solid gold and was insured for £5,000. I was Chairman of the London Coly in the 1980s and my good friend, the late Dick Brooker of Claygate was President for a number of years at that time and there was always confusion that he had donated the Gold Cup, but in fact a Mr W. Brooker had originally presented the cup many years earlier. One of the record holders of Brooker Gold Cup wins must be the late ‘Pop’ Burgess and son, Roy, of Kingston who won the trophy three times with the London Coly in the 1980s


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