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North Road Championship Club - Latest Meeting 2/12/22

At the recent committee meeting and after much discussion it was decided by the committee that the subscriptions be increased to £40. Now that is less than 10p a week and when you consider that the last subs increase was in 2015, it is relatively small considering the costs that the Club has absorbed during 2022, not to mention the various price increases since 2015 after all some organisations introduced a fuel levy on each race for their members last during last year’s fuel hikes. Yes it’s a small increase, however on the plus side race entry fees have been the same price as last year which is as follows: Dunbar £2.60; Perth £3.25; Fraserburgh £3.75; Thurso £5 and Lerwick £7. Now when you consider 30% of your entry fee goes to prize money I am sure you all agree the NRCC offers its members a great package.


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