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JPS Lofts - Ian Stafford & James Parker - Sale

Ian Stafford Performances over the years Winner of over 136 x 1st Federations/Opens, 6 x 1st Nationals, 2 x 1st North of England Homing Union Futurity Race Opens, 2 x 1st Lillers Open (open to all NEHU), also winning the Fred McCluskey Channel Average in the mighty Up North Combine 2 times in the last 3 years of Channel racing. In 2020, the last year of Channel racing Stafford & Wilson won 1st Up North Combine Gien, 500 miles on the day winning an UNC Gold Medal, the Hindhaugh Cup, the Le Puy Cup, the J W Towers Trophy, the Brian Long Friendship Trophy, the McSween and Sexton Lanarkshire Social Circle Cup of Friendship, the McCluskey and Son UNC Channel Av Award, the F & I Watson Memorial Trophy, and the W B Napper Memorial Trophy. In 2022 Ian raced his first full season back at his old address in Stanley, Co Durham.


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