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December 2nd 2022

Without question one of the most elite lofts in the mighty West Durham Combine in the whole of the UK. The results these two brothers achieve are, without, question simply world class! We have topped the West Durham Amalgation on nine occasions with birdage from 3,000 to 9,000 birds competing. Also winning the most prestigious awards in the North East of England, winning 1st NEHU Open Folkestone, 270 miles 28,173 birds and winning 1st NEHU Open Queen’s Cup Roye, 390 miles 9,600 birds.

At Club and Federation level we have lost count of the amount of times being highest prizewinner. West Durham Amalgamation where all birds are liberated together every week from nine Federations with birdage past and present being up to 12,000 birds we have had 20 x 1st fastest velocity.


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